Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day Nine, AKA I need to get through this list!

What are my 9 worst habits? Why did I want to do this challenge, again?! ;)

1. I drink Diet Coke.
2. I'm messy.
3. I press the snooze button generally 3-4 times before I get up.
4. I love playing simple/stupid facebook games.
5. I procrastinate.
6. I let my nail polish chip much to the dismay of several OCD friends.
7. I hate sleeping under a sheet and my boyfriend loves it, there is much discussion about the sheets in our house!
8. I've considered abandoning this challenge.
9. But a bit too stubborn to quit.

1 comment :

teresa said...

I just went cold turkey on Facebook games. It's rough and I miss them so hard! I understand your love.