Saturday, October 26, 2013

Five Sentences.

This week's writing prompt was to write 3 stories only 5 sentences each.

Here goes nothin'

The sky was perfectly still, a deep Indigo, and the clouds had turned a shade of dark concrete.  At the first rumbling of thunder, the cat hid under the bed. 

"Do you really have to go Tonight?" he asked, his voice cracking slightly.


The rain started then, the clouds relieved, and he sat and watched as she drove away. 

"I want to be a LADYBUG!" Mary screeched as loud as she could at the foot of her bed. 

"You picked out the cowgirl, remember? Look at the pretty gold stars..." Her mother responded, holding up the Sparkly Halloween costume they picked out 2 weeks ago.

"LADY. BUG." Mary responded with a perfected pout. 

Mary knocked on her first door yelling "Trick or Treat!" 

In her brand new Ladybug costume. 

She picked out a large tree in the middle of the park to sit underneath. 

Bright blue hoodie, she stood out amongst the fall leaves as she read her book. 

He noticed her from afar, and watched while she laughed at the story in front of her. 

After a few minutes, he walked over to her and cleared his throat to get her attention. 

"Hi!  I've been waiting for you." She responded, with a huge grin. 


Jo said...

You made this look easy!

Dances With Vodka said...

Loved the last one! All three were really great though!