Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Why Hello November!

See that thing up there? I don't own it anymore! No more cable television for me. I don't say this in that pretentious "I'm better than you" way whilst drinking some trendy wine/micro-brewed beer, I say it because I was *sick* of the ridiculously high cable bills, no ability to "a la carte" your stations, terrible customer service, the list goes on.

I have an Xbox 360, and now I pay 23 dollars a month for Netflix and Hulu Plus to access streaming television. The Netflix I pay a bit more to have 1 DVD out at a time, because I like to get workout DVDs and the occasional chick flick that is a new release and not available to stream. The only thing that I miss about cable television is DVR, which is essentially what I'm doing by watching streaming television, but with the DVR I could record a lot of guilty pleasures which I don't tend to do now...probably because Bravo, HGTV, WE, VH1 (basically geared towards women 25-35 because clearly we don't know anything about technology) etc don't give you much access to their shows. I don't mind the commercials you get with Hulu, I understand that's what pays a lot of the bills, I just cannot stand the high prices for stations I don't have any interest in and no economical way to pick and choose your stations.

What baffles me, since I was watching Hulu in its inception (and found another place, maybe zune? in 2006) is that people DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS. People don't know about Hulu. Young people! People who have iphones and wear ironic t-shirts! How is that possible?! I'm sure all you lovely bloggers are in the know, because we are curious, inquisitive, resourceful and dare I say..completely unable to wait patiently for entertainment. ;)

Anyway, I am VERY happy with my decision to ditch the cable box and utilize the internets for T.V. and movies. You may think "but..but...I have to pay for xbox live too." Well, this is true. But! You can get a year for 50 bucks, then 23 dollars a month x 12= 326 dollars. Getting the "information" tier, HBO and your standard grade cable internet was 160 a month. I still have the cable, but I'm saving 100 dollars a month.

An ever better part of the Netflix and Hulu combo, is old t.v. shows in their entirety! I've recently been watching Felicity. <3 Remember that show? It is adorable, and watching it at 26 rather than 15...totally new experience. I am still Team Noel, but who isn't on Team Noel?! I also watched Ally McBeal for the first time, but the angst of being a 20-something was a little too close to home. Sniff sniff. Anything I should be watching? What old T.V. shows do you like to watch over again? If you'd like to join in, do so, it is National Blog Posting Month and I'm excited. Did you see all of my exclamation points?


Trish Sams said...

Thanks to Netflix, I watched a few episodes of My So-Called Life. But the absurdity of 90's angsty teen was enough to make me want to go back in time & punch my 15 year old self in the face for ever being one of them. I didn't get passed episode 2. :)

Trish Sams said...

Also...I think I should have said *past not *passed. I'm a dildo.

giaghani said...

Oh, I'm so with you, I'm always so surprised when people have no idea what Hulu is. Like hello, who watches TV in real time anymore? haha

But I think I have found a kindred spirit! I love to go back and watch shows. Original 90210 is one that I often find myself going back to when I'm sick or have nothing else to watch. I watched Ally McBeal in it's entirety last winter. It's interesting to go back and re-watch shows that were just sort of in my peripherally vision as a kid/teen.